What are waist trainers?

In November 2016, Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself wearing a corset, and one would be bluffing if they did not admit that it is since then that corsets have made their way back.

Kim’s hashtag read ‘waist training’, indicating it wasn’t just another fashion statement from her side, but a new tool of hers to stay in the perfect shape we all dote on.

What is waist training? It’s reduction of the waist and attaining more prominent curves with the help of a waist trainer.

The idea of waist training has resurfaced, and is the same, constantly wearing a cinching device around the waist to reduce it.

A good waist trainer is tight laced corset which results in the hourglass figure everyone wants or wants to see. This garment reduces waist by applying constant compression on the abdomen area and by spot reduction method helping in losing the weight around the abdomen area.

Kim and Khloe can be seen wearing it on daily basis, and other celebrities, Brooke Burke-Charvet and Jessica Alba have also been using it. Jessica Alba found it useful in returning to her pre-baby body.

So maybe, waist trainers are a door opened again to the hourglass figure.


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Top Exercises For Your Dog’s Well Being

There are a lot of problems that can arise due to lack of exercise. Your dog requires proper exercise so that he doesn’t have any disturbance in his sleep or night time activity. Here are some of the best exercises for your dog. Your dog can be a great and a hilarious work out buddy.

  1. Mind sharpening exercises

Increase your dog’s mental strength by testing him with food puzzle toys, trick training exercises and obedience exercises etc.

  1. Fetch, Frisbee and sticks

You can arrange a game for him that doesn’t require you to walk around with him. Some games that are absolute favorites among dogs are fetch, Frisbee and sticks. Your dog will be completely exhilarated by these games and he’ll also get the necessary exercise for physical and mental strength as well.

  1. Walking up and down the stairs

You can train your dog to move up and down the stairs. This will make the muscles of his legs work and it’ll make him more muscular and physically strong.

  1. The treadmill

Treadmills aren’t only made for humans you know. Dogs can have their fun too. At first it’ll be hard for your dog and funny for you but with time, he might even beat you to it. You won’t be laughing then, would you? Just kidding. Don’t treat him so unfairly. If he does a good job, give him treats so that he is encouraged to keep on doing his thing.

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What to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

A dog can become an important part of your life and there are many things that you need to think of beforehand if you are thinking of adopting a dog.


  • Taking care of a dog in the first 1-2 years is similar to taking care of a baby. You need to give your dog the proper attention and the care to train him and to help him get on his feet. In the start, it will be hard but with time, your hard work will pay off. Make sure that you can devote a fair amount of time to your dog before adopting it.
  • Your dog’s health should be of utmost importance to you and it won’t be cheap. Sometimes your dog may be infected with a disease that might require an expensive treatment. Make sure to evaluate all the healthcare options including insurance options.
  • In some states, the law prohibits the unleashing of your dog in certain places and you’ll have to hire a professional dog walker which will also cost you. Isolation may cause your dog to develop an aggressive personality which can be very dangerous.
  • You need to also keep in mind that your freedom will be restricted. You’ll have to make all the necessary arrangements for your dog if you choose to travel or go on a vacation. You can’t just leave your dog at your home without thinking it through.
  • You need to have your dog neutered or sprayed and you need to take into consideration that your dog needs proper exercise, affection and regular veterinary care to ensure a healthy state of mind. Are you responsible enough to take care of all that?
  • You need to ask yourself that why do you want a pet? Some people just make an immature decision of adopting a pet just because of the overwhelming pressure from the kids. This dog will be with you for years and it won’t be just a walk in the park to treat him fairly. It is important that you understand what you’re getting into before adopting a dog.
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Steps For Grooming Your Pet at Home

The proper maintenance of your dog so that harmful Infections are not passed on to your children and loved ones is very important. You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional to groom a dog. All you need is a bit of patience and some time out of your busy schedule to get the job done. Here are some simple steps to get you acquainted with dog grooming.

  • Properly brush your dog. You can use different tools for short haired and long haired dogs. Curry brushes can be used for dogs with short hair and for dogs with long hair, you can use more advanced tools such as a steel comb. Whatever you choose, make sure that all the loose hairs are removed from your pet’s body. Don’t forget to comb the entire body of the pet including the tail.
  • Clean out your pet’s eyes thoroughly so that there are no signs of irritation or any kind of leakage from them.
  • The next step involves cleaning your pet’s ears with a cleaning solution which can be bought from a vet store. Don’t overdo it. Just try to rub the solution on your pet’s ears gently and remove the dirt and wax.
  • Your dog’s teeth need to be brushed. Use dog toothpaste instead of normal toothpastes used by humans to eradicate any risk of poisoning.
  • Trim your pet’s nails on a regular basis.
  • Take use of your dog grooming clippers to evenly cut off the coat of the pet according to your preferences.
  • The last part is bathing your dog. Make sure that your dog is thoroughly soaked in water and apply soap and shampoo when necessary to remove all the dirt and other contaminants. Blow dry the dog but make sure that the blow dry is on the cool setting or you might harm your pet.
  • Last but not least sew some warm clothes for your pet that will keep it warm even in the cold days , check out sites like sewingnela for more articles & guidance.
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