Steps For Grooming Your Pet at Home

The proper maintenance of your dog so that harmful Infections are not passed on to your children and loved ones is very important. You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional to groom a dog. All you need is a bit of patience and some time out of your busy schedule to get the job done. Here are some simple steps to get you acquainted with dog grooming.

  • Properly brush your dog. You can use different tools for short haired and long haired dogs. Curry brushes can be used for dogs with short hair and for dogs with long hair, you can use more advanced tools such as a steel comb. Whatever you choose, make sure that all the loose hairs are removed from your pet’s body. Don’t forget to comb the entire body of the pet including the tail.
  • Clean out your pet’s eyes thoroughly so that there are no signs of irritation or any kind of leakage from them.
  • The next step involves cleaning your pet’s ears with a cleaning solution which can be bought from a vet store. Don’t overdo it. Just try to rub the solution on your pet’s ears gently and remove the dirt and wax.
  • Your dog’s teeth need to be brushed. Use dog toothpaste instead of normal toothpastes used by humans to eradicate any risk of poisoning.
  • Trim your pet’s nails on a regular basis.
  • Take use of your dog grooming clippers to evenly cut off the coat of the pet according to your preferences.
  • The last part is bathing your dog. Make sure that your dog is thoroughly soaked in water and apply soap and shampoo when necessary to remove all the dirt and other contaminants. Blow dry the dog but make sure that the blow dry is on the cool setting or you might harm your pet.
  • Last but not least sew some warm clothes for your pet that will keep it warm even in the cold days , check out sites like sewingnela for more articles & guidance.

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