Top Exercises For Your Dog’s Well Being

There are a lot of problems that can arise due to lack of exercise. Your dog requires proper exercise so that he doesn’t have any disturbance in his sleep or night time activity. Here are some of the best exercises for your dog. Your dog can be a great and a hilarious work out buddy.

  1. Mind sharpening exercises

Increase your dog’s mental strength by testing him with food puzzle toys, trick training exercises and obedience exercises etc.

  1. Fetch, Frisbee and sticks

You can arrange a game for him that doesn’t require you to walk around with him. Some games that are absolute favorites among dogs are fetch, Frisbee and sticks. Your dog will be completely exhilarated by these games and he’ll also get the necessary exercise for physical and mental strength as well.

  1. Walking up and down the stairs

You can train your dog to move up and down the stairs. This will make the muscles of his legs work and it’ll make him more muscular and physically strong.

  1. The treadmill

Treadmills aren’t only made for humans you know. Dogs can have their fun too. At first it’ll be hard for your dog and funny for you but with time, he might even beat you to it. You won’t be laughing then, would you? Just kidding. Don’t treat him so unfairly. If he does a good job, give him treats so that he is encouraged to keep on doing his thing.

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