Ask Loretta: Yale’s New Mascot

Dear Beautiful Loretta,

Recently there was a competition for a successor in the long line of Yale Mascots and Handsome Dan XVI was chosen. However, this correspondent believes that there is no better looking bulldog alive today than yourself, The Little Girl, the Handsome Loretta.

So, if you would like to present yourself as available for selection as the Yale Mascot, I can make this happen. I would be able to “disappear” the incumbent, and arrange for the elevation of Loretta to the position by acclamation. No politicking necessary!

White House soirees, Harvard-Yale football games, and many other opportunities will be in your future if you take me up on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Please say yes!! I beseech you not to disappoint the Old Blues!

Sincerely, Eli ’68 Continue reading “Ask Loretta: Yale’s New Mascot”