Mother believes to lose clothes

When we zoom in on the main characters of the house mother and father, we see a relationship that is a wonder works How does it work father is a crazy neat freak and Germs scare father also, while mother doesn’t mind the tidiness and doesn’t freak out at the mention of Germs. But one big nail in there relationship lately is mother “Losing” her clothes. Father the one who does the laundry is into everything neat tidy and timed perfectly so when, father went upstairs to collect mother’s laundry, and mother told him she couldn’t find her clothes, Father face turned cherry red and his ears grew an inch. “What do you mean cant find your clothes!!!!”father questioned

“I mean there not here” Mother replied Father answered that by storming out of the room. A week later father came down stairs in flurry of rage he found mothers clean clothes under her dirty ones. While father raged for a while they were finally able to cool down the relationship and realize they could have a nice chuckle about this. Though father still seeks revenge.

Sincerely Brother