Rare Turkey River Flows

The source of the Turkey River.

A rare and amazing event occurred in the south end of the kitchen last evening at 6:30 pm. A turkey river flow, a rare and truly spectacular moment to be seen in the kitchen was spotted tumbling down the side of the counter. This kitchen wonder occurs when an especially juicy turkey is set on a slanted counter. The slight slant in the counter causes the turkeys juice to slide down the counter and tumble over the ledge and down to the floor.

This event is a beautiful thing to watch happen but it is also a truly delicious occasion as well. The turkey river is the most rare of all meat rivers. A few other types of meat flows are the chicken, beef and also hamburger, all are truly delicious but the turkey river is certainly the rarest kind of all and it is a once in a lifetime experience to see and or taste.

The Turkey river was first spotted by Blanche the Bulldog who smelled the lovely aroma that it gives off and followed the scent to the kitchen miracle. When she arrived at the sight of the flow she immediately positioned herself below the river of turkey and like any sain animal would, began to lap up the delishus flow of turkey juice.

“I have never tasted something as extraordinary as this turkey flow.” Said Blanche the Bulldog when questioned. “It was a once and a lifetime experience but I am lucky not to live with any other dogs so I had it all to myself.”

The flow lasted for a little over two hours and was stopped when one of the owners of the household put the turkey in the refrigerator. It was a truly amazing event for those who witnessed it, and the wonderful scent of the turkey river flow still lingers in the air around the far south cabinet where this miracle occurred.    

Author: Bulldog Mama

Bulldog Mama is the co creator of SmooshedFace.com. She has always loved dogs especially the smooshed faced ones. She loves writing, art, and of course spending time with her dogs who helped inspire SmooshedFace.com. Bulldog Mama and her family wanted to find a way to show the love for there dogs and how many laughs they have gotten out of them over the years, so they created this website for all dog lovers. We sincerely hope you enjoy it. - Bulldog Mama