Ask Loretta: Being Sure about Relationships

Dear Loretta,

I have recently met a man I am interested in. It seems that my
interest is reciprocated. However, it also seems that he is more
comfortable than I am with the interval between our meetings. What’s a
girl to do?

Unsure in MD

P.S. Please bear in mind that I was raised at a time when the mores of society dictated that it was a “No No” to even call a young man and now it seems that there are few if any “No Nos.” No wonder I am confused. Continue reading “Ask Loretta: Being Sure about Relationships”

Ask Loretta: What a Baby Girl Needs

Dear Loretta,

I am writing to ask for your advice. You see, much like you, I am
myself a baby girl of the smooshed-face variety, and as you are trying
to convince the masses, this is a wonderful thing.

But the problem I have is this. I’m just over 3 months old, and my
dad wants me to pee and poo outside. Do you hear me?!? He wants me
to go OUTSIDE in the cold, when there’s a perfectly good carpet to pee
on. And it’s warm.

I’m trying to convince my dad that he’s just unreasonable. Can you help??

Help me Loretta, you’re my only hope.

Lola Continue reading “Ask Loretta: What a Baby Girl Needs”