Air wall Encountered in Basement

Who would ever create such a thing?!

Yesterday, Racky the pug was strolling through the basement. Everything in front of him looked like non-solid air but he was gravely mistaken. He walked right into what we have confirmed is a air wall.

Air walls are things that humans make to keep warmth, cold and dry in and to keep wet, bugs and birds out. The biggest problem when it comes to air walls is that they can not be seen. This means that if you do not know where they are you can walk right into them. They are very good for keeping a comfortable home but they are not good for running into.

The biggest problem with this particular air wall is that it is located right in the middle of the basement laundry room. Usually, air walls are only on the border of the inside and the outside so dogs have been able to know were they are and not walk right into them. Residents of the household have been told to avoid the downstairs laundry room so they do not fall captive to the air wall as well. Air walls can be very dangerous and although they have not killed any dogs they have managed to take many birds lives when they fly into them.  

Lucky for Racky the pug he did not sustain any major injuries as far as we can tell (although his brain never worked that well in the first place so we can not confirm brain damage).

Racky was not happy to have run into the air wall as he has done this many times in the past and in is very discomforting. “I hate air walls.” Said Racky when questioned. “I am always running into them, my sister says it is because I am stupid but really it is because I can not see them.” Racky was very mad at the air wall for disrupting his peaceful walk through the basement so he parked himself in front of it and barked at it for two hours perhaps trying to show it who was boss.  

The downstairs laundry room will continue to be out of bounds until the air wall is moved or moves on it’s own. (We do not believe they are alive but they are very shifty nevertheless and should not be trusted to remain in one spot) This air wall out in the open is a very mysterious event and we will continue to keep an eye on it in case it tries to claim anymore victims.  






Author: Bulldog Mama

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  1. If my memory serves me correctly, Racky’s eyes often go in different directions. This may be why he is particularly talented at finding air walls.

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