Racky and the meaning of life (food)

When it comes to knowing all about life I’m the guy to talk to. Lots of people have asked me what the meaning of life is. Is it love? is it friends and family? It’s none of those things as a matter of fact it’s food!  

Food is the most wonderful thing in the world. It tastes good but I wouldn’t know because I don’t have any teeth so I can’t chew, but it also makes your tummy feel nice and full. My favorite kind of food is chicken! I like chicken.

I spend lots of my time waiting for food to come. Every time someone walks by my food bowl there is a possibility that food could be coming. My sister Loretta tells me that I’m wasting my life waiting for food all day but I know she is wrong. Anything that has to do with food like waiting for it is not wasting.

There are lots of different kinds of food and all of them are good to me. I will eat any food you give me even if it is really old. I also eat things that are not food like my own poop! My favorite kind of food is chicken. I like chicken.

When there is no food in my bowl there are still other places I can get it like the kids. They drop lots of it on the ground and I like to eat it up. They don’t eat chicken though. I like chicken.

As you can now see food is the meaning of life! Food is the most wonderful thing in the world and we should all love to eat it. But we should love chicken the most. I like chicken.   




Author: Racky

Racky the Pug is one of the most wonderful pugs in the world. His owners love him dearly and will always treasure the wonderful memories he made for them. Racky started publishing on SmooshedFace.com when his sister Loretta made a bet with him that he couldn't figure out how to use the computer. He did (but only after a lot of failed tries) and he has been publishing on SmooshedFace.com ever since. Racky likes warm dog beds, his stuffed hedgehog and of course chicken! He sincerely hopes that you will enjoy SmooshedFace.com!