Racky and the Meaning of the Beach


If you want to know all about the beach then I am the pug to talk to. I know everything about the beach because I have gone there so many times over the years  with Lady and Man. Many people have asked me what the meaning of the beach is and it is very clear it is a place for dogs and humans to have a good time both in the big blue and on the sand.

On of my many favorite things to do on the beach is run really fast up and down the sand. I run and run and run and then I turn around and run and run and run back to Lady and Man. If I run to far I will not be able to find them and then I will never get to have chicken again. I like chicken. One time I did run to far but them Lady and Man chased after me before I could be lost and never have chicken again. I like chicken.

On of my other favorite things to do at the beach is splash around in the surf. I always stay very close to the shore though because of no chicken that’s why. I am also not very good at the doggy paddle and that did not end well for me once because I frolicked to far out and all of the sudden me paws were not touching the sand anymore they were touching nothing. I thrashed and thrashed trying to get Lady and Mans attention but with no luck. My head went under but luckily I saw a orange thing through the murk of the water where I could put my paws and not drown. I pumped my legs with all my might and my front quarters flew on to the orange thing. Unfortunately there was a kid on that thing and he screamed and ran off to the shore leaving me stranded. The good news was by then Lady and Man had spotted me and Lady had to dive in the water with her close on to rescue me. Since then I have only frolicked in the very edge of the waves so that I never get stranded again.

Sometimes my sister Loretta even comes to the beach with me to enjoy some romping in the sand and frolicking in the waves. Loretta and I have so much fun together on the beach and spend quality brother sister time with one another. One time we even raided a picnic. I snuck up and plucked a slice of ham and some corn on the cob. I even took a bite of chicken. I like chicken. Then I brought the stolen treats back to Loretta and she thanked me by sitting on my head while she eat her ham slice and corn on the cob. I love Loretta. But I love chicken even more.

As you can see the beach is on of the best ways to spend your day at. You can romp in the sand, frolic in the waves and spend one on one time with your family. Sometimes you can even steal chicken from a picnic. I like chicken.   



Author: Racky

Racky the Pug is one of the most wonderful pugs in the world. His owners love him dearly and will always treasure the wonderful memories he made for them. Racky started publishing on SmooshedFace.com when his sister Loretta made a bet with him that he couldn't figure out how to use the computer. He did (but only after a lot of failed tries) and he has been publishing on SmooshedFace.com ever since. Racky likes warm dog beds, his stuffed hedgehog and of course chicken! He sincerely hopes that you will enjoy SmooshedFace.com!

3 thoughts on “Racky and the Meaning of the Beach”

  1. What a way to start my day!! Once again I laughed outloud. It made me so happy to think about the beach and all the fun we have there. I took care of Logan yesterday and I was telling him about the beach and ice cream. That was my first mistake. Of course he wanted ice cream and when I told him I didn’t have any, he asked to go to the beach. he asked me to go to the beach all afternoon. So when we actually do go to the beach, Rocky gets chicken and Logan and his cousins get ice cream. Xoxoxo

  2. Hi Racky!
    Once again you made me feel as if I was watching you swim at the beach!! Maybe arm floaties would have helped. Keep up the great stories. I am loving them!!!😃
    Nana Kathy

  3. Racky! Do you like chicken? Do you love it? Just wondering.
    Mopsy the basset hound loved the beach because of the rotting fish heads. MMMMM.

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